Warm-up for the Champions League: the new Championship quiz September 28

The new game within the Brainboy Championship project will take place on September 28 in Moscow at the Hard Rock Café on Old Arbat (Smolenskaya metro station). The starting whistle is at 20:00. If you have learned the names of all the goalkeepers of Valery Karpin's national team and you know how many zero draws there are in the new RPL season, feel free to register. The game consists of seven different-format rounds for logic, erudition, intuition and a sense of humor. Get ready for questions of different difficulty levels. The editors will check the participants for their knowledge of the current football agenda, so we advise you to study the "Championship" on the eve of the game. Winners, prize-winners and just lucky ones will receive cool gifts from the hands of the host Danila Makhalin.
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