The non-profit organization "Moneta" will no longer accept payments from foreign currency traders.

The non-bank credit organization "Moneta" will no longer accept payments from international firms operating on the Forex market as of June 1st. This was revealed to Izvestia on May 24, in reaction to media claims that the Bank of Russia has restricted settlements between Russians and international forex firms. The Kommersant newspaper stated earlier this month, citing authoritative sources, that the Central Bank has begun to block not only Russians' payments to offshore casinos, but also transactions with international currency companies. According to sources, Moneta had informed international FX firms that it would cease processing payments. "The decision to stop accepting payments from international firms participating in the Forex market was made independently following conversations with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which have been ongoing since the beginning of 2020," Coin stated. According to the organization, the Central Bank "always knew about the presence of such enterprises among the clients of NPOs," but "did not offer any orders." It should be noted that discontinuing services to this set of customers will have no significant influence on the company's financial situation. According to the Association of Forex Dealers, certain firms will stop serving foreign forex corporations. The association's head, Evgeny Masharov, stated that what was happening was the result of the regulator's attempts to deoffshore the financial sector. In 2012, the NGO "Moneta" was registered with the Central Bank. She is a money transfer agent for a user. Furthermore, the company touts itself as a "modern billing platform for small and medium-sized businesses" as well as a payment alternatives aggregator for merchants. According to the magazine, Yuri Efremov has been the only member of this NGO from its founding. In 2020, the company's commission was 1.89 billion rubles. She made a net profit of almost 12 million rubles. Following the lifting of restrictions by the Central Bank in early March, the YuMoney service, which is part of the Sberbank ecosystem, resumed all payment transactions with 45 foreign non-resident organizations. The regulator placed a six-month ban on YuMoney's interactions with non-resident firms on January 12, 2021. Due to Central Bank regulations, customers of the service were unable to use their wallets to pay for things at foreign online stores or receive payments from foreign companies. Transfers from YuMoney wallets to non-resident individuals' cards or bank accounts, including those in overseas banks, were not subject to the prohibition.
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