Secret Service has released a Russian video for the updated hit "Lit de Parade"
Secret Service is a gold classic from the 80s

Secret Service is a gold classic from the 80s, a legendary Swedish pop group formed in 1979 by Tim Norell, Ulf Walberg and Ula Håkansson. World fame came to them immediately after the release of their debut album "Oh Susie", which took the first lines of the charts in dozens of countries. The composition "Ten O'Clock Postman" is one of the few Western songs that broke the "Iron Curtain" and became one of the most popular tunes of the 80s in the USSR and Eastern Europe. “I woke up in the middle of the night with a strange synth melody ringing in my head. And I realized that this is nothing more than an introduction to the new version of Lit de Parade, but this time performed by Secret Service, with choruses in the style of Flash In the Night and verses in the style of classical Russian ballet. The result is in front of you, ”says Tim Norell. It is curious that the video was shot entirely by a Russian team headed by director Pavel Glazkov. In a bright room, the ballerina Irina Kreidina is dancing, personifying vitality and beauty, and an old man looks at her with admiration, who has been supplied with probes with a certain nourishing liquid. This picture alternates with the Secret Service band playing the song in their home studio. John Becker (joined the lineup in 2018 as vocalist) made the track incredibly rich in vocal shrillness. “We want to visit Russia soon, there are already many proposals, but the pandemic has made its own adjustments. Now we spend a lot of time making music and preparing a new album. We hope that in the near future we will be able to plunge into concert life again, ”promises Tim Norell.
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