Maxim Leonidov took off to the "Seventh Heaven"
The previous studio album "Nad" was released in 2017

The previous studio album "Nad" was released in 2017, four years ago. The "Seventh Heaven" included 11 songs, some were already released as singles, and "Cat", "Princess", "Red Clown", "Autumn in Your City" and "Mon Amour" could be heard this year at the anniversary concert in honoring the 25th anniversary of the Hippoband group. The albums are born due to the fact that a sufficient number of songs have been written in a certain time, and the author wants to share them, - says Maxim Leonidov. - Now many artists don't release albums. What for? Here we recorded a song - another, posted it on platforms, and good. But I have such an old-school idea of ​​the next disc as a stage in my life. When I release a new album, I breathe out and open myself to new ideas and projects. Here is a new exhalation. It began about three years ago with the idea of ​​recording several classical melodies of academic music, but having composed poetry for them. And we with the poet Igor Grigorov and composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky came up with the song "Barcarole". The idea did not find its embodiment, but the song marked the beginning of a new album. Then, during strict quarantine, I wrote poetry to a tune by Israeli author Hanan Ben Ari and titled the song "Mon Amour." So there were two songs. Gradually, inspired by the poems of my comrades Alexander Gutin and Igor Grigorov, I added one song after another to the piggy bank. This is how the Seventh Heaven album appeared. I think it’s not bad, ”says Maxim Leonidov.
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