In India, a woman sued a salon for 271 thousand dollars for a bad hair

A disgruntled client sued an Indian beauty salon $ 271,000 for a wrong haircut. She asked to "remove" about 10 centimeters from the ends, but she was cut so that the entire length of her hair was equal to 10 centimeters. According to the BBC, for the woman, this resulted in huge financial losses and a complete change in her lifestyle. The thing is that the victim worked as a model and, thanks to her long hair, often collaborated with large companies producing various hair products. As the court said, upon arriving at the salon, the woman clearly expressed her wishes to the master, but he cut her hair too short, contrary to the instructions received. Outraged by the result, the client complained to the salon management and was offered a free hair-care procedure as compensation. As the victim later stated, this procedure was "questionable and led to damage to her hair." According to the local National Commission on Resolution of Consumer Disputes, she said the incident caused the woman to lose "her expected contacts and suffered huge losses that completely changed her lifestyle and ruined her dream of becoming a top model. She suffered severe mental illness and trauma from - negligence ... in the matter of haircuts and could not concentrate on her work, and in the end I lost it. " The incident took place in 2018 in a salon owned by one of Delhi's largest hotel chains.
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