Herkus supported Krykhovyak in the conflict with Lokomotiv

Former president of Lokomotiv Ilya Gerkus on the air of the Sport-Express football YouTube channel "Out!" commented on the transfer of midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak from the Moscow club to Krasnodar. “There are always two opinions. Krykhovyak has nothing to fear to say. I am on the side of Grzegorz. This is my transfer, I have been seeking it for a very long time. For me, this is a created asset that was given away for little money. It even now costs a lot more. It could be renewed and sold for 10 million. He's a quality player who makes a difference. Krykhovyak is a charismatic team leader. He is a hard worker and a mega-experienced player. For a second, he was captain at Sevilla when they won the Europa League. We brought Krykhovyak for 10 million. It was a tricky combination. Firstly, this is PSG, and money is not so important to them. And secondly, we knew the sports director. They worked for six months and knew that they did not need Krykhovyak. Should have signed in the winter, but then he played very well and PSG left him on loan. When this asset disappeared from Loko, I had a slight annoyance. Although the logic is clear here. His salary was raised. These players are very sensitive when they are treated without reverence. When talking about the sale, he flared up, ”said Herkus. Former Lokomotiv midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak claims that the club's management deceived him by not informing him of their intention to sell to another club. Grzegorz Krychowiak has played for Lokomotiv since 2018, as part of the team, he won the Russian Cup twice, and also became the owner of the country's Super Cup. In September of this year, the midfielder became a player of Krasnodar.
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