Heorhiy BUSCHAN: “We managed to score today. I like these activities"

Dynamo goalkeeper Georgiy Bushchan spoke about the course of the training camp in Murcia, Spain. - How do you like the training process at the training camp in Spain? - Things are good. The field, weather and all conditions are suitable for training. With a smile, we are preparing for the second part of the season. - Does the weather interfere with the preparation? - The weather is what you need for training. Not hot and not cold. So we get a lot of enjoyment out of it. - Behind two control matches. The team has already recovered, is it ready for the third sparring? - Of course, ready. These are the fees through which we are preparing for the season. - Today the goalkeepers worked actively together with other players in the field. Do you like these exercises? - Certainly! Playing in the field, you work out the game with your feet, which is important today. Plus, you also get pleasure when you score goals. Today I managed to score, so I like such activities (smiles). - Dynamo will hold three training camps for the first time. Are you ready for it physically and mentally? - A total of fees will last 30 days. There is nothing new in this, we also held three training camps. I think that both physically and psychologically everything will be fine.

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