Fasel: it was important for me to hold my last congress in St. Petersburg

IIHF President Rene Fasel spoke about the importance of holding the last congress as the head of the International Ice Hockey Federation in St. Petersburg. “Dear friends and girlfriends (in Russian). I am very happy to be here in St. Petersburg. I love this city very much. Don't ask why. I can't help but remember how I was here in 1983. Then the city was still called Leningrad. Driving along the highway and looking at the light of this city, I thought that I have a special feeling coming back here. I am very glad that we can hold the world championship in this city in a new arena. I remember that in 2000, President Vladimir Putin opened the World Cup at a new stadium. The same will happen in 2023. This arena will surpass the previous one in grandeur. I am sure that this is the future of hockey. Real fans and amateurs of this sport live in St. Petersburg. In 2023, the Russian team will finally be able to perform under its own flag and name. We will be able to experience a magnificent atmosphere thanks to this wonderful event. Also in 2023, Novosibirsk and Omsk will host the World Youth Championship. Looking forward to it. This is also a very important event for us. Thank God that you know how to organize such events, and you know how to do it. Nice to see my friend Vladimir Yurzinov. We've been through a lot together. And I am confident that the holding of the World Cup is in good hands. Also soon my last congress as IIHF President will take place in St. Petersburg. It was very important for me to come here and spend it in St. Petersburg. Then we will see you here in 2023, but before that you will have to visit neighboring Finland, where it will be very easy for Petersburgers to get to, ”Dmitry Storozhev, correspondent of the Championship, reports Fasel as saying.
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