EOS, a cryptocurrency, has increased by 13%.

EOS was trading at $ 3.2809 on the Investing.com Index at 03:43 (00:43 GMT) on Tuesday, up 12.48 percent on the day. The daily gain in bitcoin has been the fastest since July 9th. This gain increased the market capitalization of EOS to $ 3,1901 billion, representing for 0.13 percent of the total cryptocurrency market capitalisation. At its peak, EOS had a market capitalization of $17.5290 billion. In the previous 24 hours, EOS has traded in a range of $ 3.2569 to $ 3.2919. In the last seven days, the volume of EOS has declined by 18.14 percent. The volume of EOS in the last 24 hours was $ 1.3842B, or 1% of the entire volume of cryptocurrencies. It has traded in a range of $ 2.3963 to $ 4.1618 over the last week. EOS is currently trading at an 85.72 percent discount to its April 29, 2018 high of $ 22.98. On the Investing.com Index, other cryptocurrencies were up 3.89 percent on the day, with Bitcoin trading at $ 50,678.7. Ethereum was trading at $ 4,348.19 on the Investing.com Index, up 5.23 percent. Bitcoin formerly had a market cap of $ 957.9127 billion, or 40.52 percent of the total cryptocurrency market cap, while Ethereum had a market cap of $ 516.0041 billion, or 21.83 percent.
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