“Don't forget who you are. The future may depend on your past, on these publications. " Danchenko - about candid photos

The famous coach of Russian synchronized swimmers Tatyana Danchenko, who became the hero of "Talk on Fridays", spoke about the attitude towards candid photographs of athletes in social networks. - What should a synchronized swimmer post on Instagram for you to tell her: “Are you out of your mind? Take it away immediately! " - Fate decrees that my students, after the end of their sports career, take serious positions. They become status personalities, media. I look ahead - suddenly someone then gets this candid photo. Will try to influence the person, the decisions. So I say: “Don't forget who you are. The future may depend on your past, on these publications ... " - You mean Subbotina and her photos from the beach? - Yes, it mainly concerns Varya. She is a bright, beautiful girl with magnificent forms. The main thing is that in the most modest form it will still shine! - Is it easier with two Svetlana - Romashina and Kolesnichenko? - They are already adults, they understand everything. Yes, and Varya is not a stupid girl, one conversation was enough. Since then, there have been no complaints.

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