Dmitry Kombarov: maybe Vitoria is too expensive to fire, that's why everything is like this

Former defender of "Spartak" and the Russian national team Dmitry Kombarov spoke about the possible resignation of Rui Vitoria from the post of head coach of the red and white. “Obviously something needs to be changed. I would have started thinking about changing the head coach much earlier in the leadership position. The result speaks for itself. I don't even understand what this coach is preaching. Substitutions are a separate conversation. We lose at the end, and he removes Jikia. I don't know what's going on inside there. It may be too expensive to fire him, so that's the way it is. Vitoria came and he was not allowed to make his purchases, he came to the team, where nothing was done for him. From this side it can be understood. But there is a big game going on, Spartak has millions of fans, so there is no need to feel sorry for anyone here, "RBC-Sport quotes Kombarov as saying.
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