Banks have expressed worry about blocking transactions in favor of internet casinos.

Banks seek direct access to the Roskomnadzor domain name registry in order to monitor customer websites for illegal online casinos. When in "manual" mode, this is done. However, experts think that this will not make a substantial difference. According to a letter from the National Financial Market Council (NSFM) to Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council Nikolai Zhuravlev, Russian banks are having difficulty implementing a rule that prohibits payments in favor of illegal internet casinos (RBC has it). The paper has been sent, according to Alexander Naumov, Deputy Head of the NSFR. According to the letter to the NSFM, credit institutions are unable to automatically screen clients for illegal business activity and must do so in a "manual" mode. The Russian Banks Association (ADB) also indicated that meeting the new requirements would be difficult owing to technical concerns. ADB did not react to a comment request. The representative of the Central Bank confirmed to RBC that the regulator is aware of market participants' concerns.
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A gaming regulation will be implemented in Russia.