A gaming regulation will be implemented in Russia.

Russia's law establishing a single gambling regulator (ERAI) with oversight of the betting market entered into force on September 1. This regulator will oversee the organization and conduct of gambling. He is also in charge of supplying extra-budgetary funds for Russian sports. According to the statute, the regulator will operate as a public business and will be supported by the Joint Stock Company "Modern Payment Solutions." To organize gaming in Russia, it will now be necessary to join the regulator's information system. ERAI will be responsible for locating illegal bookmakers, including those operating on the Internet, and reporting "earmarked deductions from gambling organizers" to all-Russian sports federations and leagues. Russian legislation has regulated the activities of bookmakers, internet casinos, and sweepstakes since 2009. Gambling is only authorized in four areas: the Kaliningrad Region (Yantarnaya), the Altai (Siberian Coin), the Primorsky Territories (Primorye), and Sochi (Krasnaya Polyana). The republic's president, Sergei Aksenov, announced the launch of a fifth gaming zone in Russia - in Crimea - towards the end of last year. In 2019, Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's president at the time, signed the necessary order. According to the idea, a new gambling zone should be established in Yalta.
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